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Marvee Woods Music

a.k.a Killa Hooks

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My Imagination Is My Office

Posted on 12 January, 2015 at 5:50 Comments comments (56)

I'm so thankful to enter 2015 potent with ideas and already getting releases confirmed by labels.

It's crazy! When i was growing up. We all studied in school to get qualifications to work in an office. Back then, my idea of an office was a building full of people, printers, computers etc.

Now my idea of an office has changed. No one could have told me when i was younger that my imagination would one day be my office and i would be employed by a publisher for my ideas and go in studios daily to make a living off words that come out of my mind.

It's surreal sometimes, but i'm grateful for discovering my gift 21 years ago when i was 15 years old in school thinking i would become a footballer lol.

It's great to live a life of purpose. Problem with having my imagination being my office is clocking out. It's hard to check out because ideas are relentless. But i can't complain.

I look forward to announcing more releases in 2015 that i have penned.

Happy New Ears folks! :)